As per the vision of our Lord Jesus Christ, this ministry is being done to reach.

  • The youth who are spoiling their lives in this sinful world.
  • The people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.
  • The broken families.
  • To the people who doesn’t know His Love
  • Finally to prepare the people for the second coming of the Jesus Christ.
  • The youth who are spoiling their lives in this sinful world.

In the present world, youth are being misguided, distracted and attracted to the bad habits in terms of Alcohol, Drugs, Adultry, Betting, Gambling, illegal business activities, Pubs, Smoking and Pornography. Due to which, their lives are getting spoiled, frustrated and becoming miserable in the present situations. Parents are worrying and weeping, because of their children living in the bondages of these sinful habits.

So, with great responsibility, Sharon Ministries wants to reach them in terms counselling sessions, in order to make them free from all the bad habits by sharing unconditional love of the Lord Jesus Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • The people who are feeling and struggling with suicidal thoughts.

In daily news papers and television news, we usually come across news about suicides because of debts, love failure, illegal affair, domestic violence, poor performance in their academics etc. Many are ending their lives forcibly in just fraction of seconds, to leave this world in deep frustration and loneliness because of their personal problems and various factors, directly taking a ticket to Hell. This is against the will of God. As per God’s plan and will, nobody has rights to destroy and end their life forcibly and intentionally. So, we would like to share the love of God, proclaim the power of the Holy Spirit and pray to an almighty God to break the bondages and deliver them from the suicide thoughts.

  • To the broken families.

In the present world, many families are suffering with various problems due to lack of understanding, love, peace, debts and illegal affairs. Due to which, couples are reaching family courts to get divorce from the husband or wife and move away from each other. Instead of living together with happiness, joy, peace and understanding, So many couples fight and misunderstand each other for small things and decides to break the holy marriage bond, to move away from each other in terms of divorce.

This is also against the will of God. God has constituted a holy bond in terms of marriage, which has to be till last the breathe on this face of the Earth. But, unfortunately many lives constituted as a family, taking hasty decisions to go for divorce, in spite of having children to them. So, as servants of God, we reach the broken families to share the will and love of our magnificent God to know the truth and pray for them to get reunite as a family with a great love.

  • To the people who doesn’t know His Love

Sharon Ministries wants to reach the people who don’t know the love of Jesus Christ. Sharing the love of God makes them to know the purpose of the life and sets them free from all the bondages and darkness.

  • Finally to prepare the people for the second coming of the Jesus Christ.

As Bible says, Jesus is going to come soon to take His people from this sinful world. So, everybody should have hope in Jesus Christ and get ready for His second coming.

As Bible says about the parable of the lost sheep  in Matthew 18:12-14 and Luke 15:4-7, “There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent”.